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- May 2012, Indian Summer, high definition, 19 mins. A tramp builds a camera with objects found in the streets and takes voyeuristic photographs of women. He spots Jana, a first time model for a painter. Trailer:

- April 2012, Temptation, high definition, 4 mins. A narrative using green sceen on the temptation of Christ by Satan in the wilderness of the desert:

- March 2012, The Hubbub, high definition, 6 mins. A narrative about the future of our industrialized world connecting scenes by visual, aural and conceptual match cuts. A young man escapes from the industrialized world where he lives. Projected at the Sarah Lawrence Film Festival:

- February 2012, Shunga, high definition, 5 mins. A narrative using familiar image, slow disclosure, parallel action, separation, camera movement, multi-angularity. A bourgeois woman calls for a male escort dressed as a cowboy:

- December 2011, The Glare, high definition, 14 mins. Conference project about two friends who are convinced that the World is going to come to an end. Through the medium of a ventriloquist dummy from their childhood, they express their last wish to hire an escort girl for the last night on Earth. Submitted to the Sarah Lawrence Film Festival. Trailer:

- August 2010, The Bottom Line, high definition, 22 mins. A black-and-white New York flavor short film about the point of view of a coat-check attendant for high society events, he keeps doing his job because of his obsession with fur coats. Trailer:

- June 2010, Peyote, high definition, 4 minutes. A music video for Solesta, Mexican electronic band dealing with the journey of Death. Projected during Solesta’s concert at “Clandestino”, Cambridge, MA:

- May 2010, Pen Brothers, high definition, 9 minutes. A New York flavor short film about two screenwriters in loss of inspiration dealing with the difficulties of creation and the power of imagination. Submitted to the Sarah Lawrence Film Festival and Persistence of Vision: A Fimmaker’s Annual and Aspace Student Film Series:

- February 2010, Watch Dog, digital high definition video, 5 minutes. TV pilot presenting a cop-show mini-series starring actor Frank Harts. Pilot submitted to ABC Channel:

- August 2009, Fireworks, digital video. A black-and-white comedy on a group of May 68 teenagers who plan a revolution, connecting three short films Last Spleen, Mean Baboons and Soap Opera. Projected at Espace de Guenegaud, Paris, France.

- July 2009, Golgotha, digital video, 10 minutes. An experimental video on Christ’s crossway. Projected at Palais de Tokyo and at Espace de Guenegaud, Paris, France.

- June 2009, Weapon Stray Bullet, digital video, 23 minutes. A documentary on French troops going to Tchad, Ivory Coast and Afghanistan. Projected at Espace de Guenegaud, Paris, France.

- May 2009, La Danse de la Mort, digital video, 3 minutes. A portrait of the last surrealist painter, Jorge Camacho.

- January 2009, Darkest Street, digital video, 9 minutes. A black-and-white music video in a “Nouvelle Vague” atmosphere for Fitz & the Tantrums’ music and lyrics. Projected at Espace de Guenegaud, Paris, France:

- July 2008, Melting Pot, digital video. A drama blending social facts with fantasies. Projected at Espace de Guenegaud, Paris, France. Trailer:

- April 2008, Dr. Atomar ou: Comment la Société a-t-elle Exprimé sa Peur du Nucléaire par le Cinema ? digital video, 37 minutes. A documentary on the fear of nuclear war. Created for a 11th grade project for Literature and History class, Institut de l’Assomption-Lubeck, Paris, France.

- January 2008, À Cœur Ouvert, digital video, 35 minutes. A documentary on an open-heart surgery. Projected at Espace de Guenegaud:

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