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Alexander Kesselaar is a Professional Photographer and Creative Director from Sydney, Australia, with over 10 years of experience.

Specialising in Commercial, Event, Corporate & Fine Art Photography, his clients include Ambulance NSW, Sydney Dance Company, The Byron Group, Regional Arts NSW and Porter & Novelli among others. Alexander’s personal projects have been exhibited all over the world.

Alex is an authority on Mobile Photography and the evolution of photography in the social media age. He has been invited to host a iPhone Photography Master Class as well as exhibiting his work at the Sydney Apple Store.

Alex was born and bred in Bremen, Germany 1977 to a Dutch father and German mother. Raised in the entertainment industry he was involved in German Television from an early age and so began his fascination of all forms of media and it’s creation.

After completing school, he worked in TV Production for several years. In 2000, he moved to Australia to study at the Academy of Photogenic Arts in Sydney, specializing in Editing and Production Management. As part of the course Alex was also introduced to photography. After completing the course he founded his own production company and produced various commercials, music videos, short films and worked on some feature projects.

Throughout this time, Alex always came back to photography as his preferred medium for creative self-expression.

More recently Alex has also been working as a videographer, web designer and social media consultant.

He is happily married and living Sydney with two children.

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