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Rapid City, SD (Mt Rushmore)

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Love hot men and watching these hot vids!!! (That's the beautiful and super sweet Cheryl Ladd w me!)


  1. Brent Ray Fraser
  2. Freddy Krave
  3. Steve Pena
  4. Veronique Vd Woestyne
  5. Danny Cooke
  6. Canon Pro
  7. barrettjackson
  8. The Greatest Magazine
  9. Ripped & Stripped
  10. Zentropa
  11. hjalli
  12. dori sig
  13. Depeche Mode
  14. martin de thurah
  15. elvisdifazio
  16. Kevin McDermott
  17. m4 models management
  18. Giannis Maskidis

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