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Alexx Thompson is a multimedia artist. His work has been in writing, still photography, and of late video and film. Alexx grew up in Southern California, heavily influenced by "painters and poets" since adolescence, he began expressing himself through poetry at age 17; writing socio-political humanist pieces that went on to be published in several books. By the mid 1990s, he decided to get a 'real job' and, through a friend discovered set painting and the movie industry, which, over the years, has been his fall-back whenever funds are tight...

With it's discipline and attention to detail, set painting turned out to be the perfect introduction, not only to the craft of scenic art, but the power of visual arts. It was around this time that he picked up a camera and started just shooting "anything and everything".. a natural at framing and capturing the moment, he began receiving positive feedback for his stills, especially his portraiture. It was also around this time, and notably pre-myspace, that Alexx founded the LA artist collective Central Elements, a web based community that provides a platform for artists to showcase their work. The 'Kiss-Kids' photo that Alexx used to create his Central Elements logo has become a classic in it's own rite, as it has appeared as posters and stickers in several TV shows.

An enthusiastic traveller, Alexx spent his vacation time capturing still images of locals, and landscapes on his trips though Central & South America; and began selling these through Alexx Thompson Imagery. His interest gradually led him to filming short scenes, and after directing and editing a friend's music video that, although rudimentary and shot on a basic camcorder, was well received, he was inspired to study filming and cinematography; with a dream of one day directing his own features.

In 2007 Alexx met Turkish filmmaker/actress Seda Egridere at an Indie film festival, both were at the time looking for collaborative partners and decided to combine skills and work on projects together. Their first opportunity came in 2009 with Alexx leading a two-day workshop conference in Istanbul, Turkey on the role of the Art Department in film. Alexx was then approached by The Institute of Visual Arts (I.A.V.Q), and invited to do a lecture presentation at the Ministerio De Cultura De Ecuador, where he found himself lecturing to a packed hall of aspiring young film students, in Quito Ecuador.

Seda and Alexx continued their collaboration in 2012, with Seda producing and Alexx directing a music video for the Turkish rock band, Pul; whilst in Istanbul they began developing the story-line for their current project, independent feature "The Silent Princess".

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