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Alex Zarnoski is the founder of and the creator of such web shows as Ajazz Tech, Ajazz Encrypted, The Daily Decrypter, The Tech Portal, and The Salinor Show. He currently writes for the edgy, yet informative blog R.A.N.T. and produces for the video blog Internet Amazings. He is currently freelancing in NYC as a video editor and for Music Choice as a videographer. He also dabbles in advertising as a product photographer and web producer for both wholesale and retail businesses.

Alex has experience working as the visual effects supervisor on the independent feature Ripped! and was an additional production assistant on the film Unstoppable (Tony Scott, 2010). Alex is the writer/director of the short film Anthony and the Devil, which won first place at the Endless Mountains Digital Film Festival and was exhibited as an educational piece for Penn State University. Prior to pursuing a career in film/television, Alex worked for eleven years as a Mobile DJ.

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