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Chris is Manager of Alice Springs Film and Television, a diverse media production and services company based in the very centre of the Australian outback. He has international credits as a Cinematographer, Writer and Location Manager. Additionally, he produces, directs, casts and location scouts.

His September 2012 news coverage of a "fire tornado" was reported widely throughout the world. Such was the reaction to the vision, he was interviewed live in the U.S. on both ABC's "Good Morning America" and the NBC "Today" show on the same morning. Images featured in almost every major newspaper, TV news service and blog worldwide. Later, after twice refusing ex-U.S. Vice President Al Gore's attempts to buy the footage, he also appeared live globally on Fox News "Hannity" program and on the Glenn Beck radio show (Chris felt any 'global warming' context would be misleading). The initial 7 network Australia TV report went viral on youtube, attracting over 2 million views in its first 4 days before being pulled for a copyright breach: see His combined video productions on his youtube and vimeo channels have also had a total of more than 2 million unique views as at July 2015.

See website for more details.


Cinematographer-"2012-Countdown to Armageddon" National Geographic Channel U.S. Documentary

Cinematographer- "Rolf on Art" BBC TV. Documentary

Director-"Warren H Williams-his life"
CAAMA Productions.Documentary.

Director-"Super-balloon" NASA Television/NASA Goddard space center. Documentary.

Director-"Too much grog-too much sorry" DASA. Documentary.

Director-Music video-various including
John Williamson, Steve Grace, Jordan Michael Grace, Ronni Rae Rivers, Warren H Williams, Brendon Walmsley.

Location Manager-BBC Science "How earth made us" Wind. Documentary

Location Manager-BBC Natural History Unit "Wilderness explored" Documentary

Location Manager "The Alice" TV Movie Southern Star Productions

Location Manager-"Going bush 2" Lonely Planet TV. Documentary

Location Manager- Visacard global TVC TBWA Chiat-Day LA

Writer/Associate Producer-"Red storm" National Geographic Channel U.S. Documentary.

Author-original concept "Yeperenye Festival" National Council for the Centenary of Federation (also Logistics Manager)

Author/Event Manager "Uluru Dawn" National Australia Day Council

Former Radio Announcer 7EX, 3MP, 3UZ, SAFM, Radio Waikato (NZ), 8HA

Former Television Announcer-Imparja Television

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