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Nathalie Lawhead is a multidisciplinary game designer and the creative force behind Tetrageddon Games ( ). Although coming from a very traditional background in classic art, she started working in the new (and less traditional) online interactive media when email spam was still unheard of, and people used their real names (as well as grammar) in chatrooms. She has been on the cutting edge ever since, creating ground breaking experiences, interactive art, and online experiments blurring the line between games and art. She is a master of anything interactive and experimental, breaking the confines of what’s technically “impossible”.
Nathalie is passionate about interactive platforms (such as games), and architecting concepts that use the internet as a framework for interactive experiences because of its unexplored nature when it comes to art as well as literature. She believes there is a lot of untapped power in the internet as an overall medium for making games so unique they become an entirely different mind blowing genre. When new forms like ARGs or games-as-art surface, they remind us we are only at the beginning of inventing variations of art so radically different they set a new standard for what can be done.
Nathalie has been developing and contributing to the evolution of online media for over ten years.

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