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  1. 24 Frames 24 Hours

    by 24Frames24Hours joined

    152 Videos / 100 Members

    International collaborative mobile film-making. Seeing the world through the lens of mobile devices.

  2. The Director of Photography

    by Kees Smans joined

    31.9K Videos / 9,154 Members

    Show your production here. A showcase for you as a filmmaker. Art, shorts, promo’s, music videos , commercials , animation or even time laps. Talk about your gear, editing, sound, post…

  3. CANON EOS 60D

    by Canon EOS 60D joined

    13.5K Videos / 4,135 Members

    Enjoy the videos captured with Canon EOS 60D. Also visit the Canon EOS 60D Channel at: www.vimeo.com/channels/Canon60D

  4. DSLR Inspire

    by Rob Rodriguez joined

    3,196 Videos / 922 Members

    A new generation of filmmakers is here. Create and Inspire.

  5. Filmmakers HD

    by Ryan Kramer joined

    3,400 Videos / 828 Members

    A place to feature your HD film making abilities

  6. +Animation+

    by Diego Cruz joined

    26.3K Videos / 5,535 Members

    The Best Videos of last year! Special Thanks http://iwucha.com

  7. Type in motion

    by Ginés, Romero joined

    3,063 Videos / 1,762 Members

  8. RED Users

    by FFDC :: Jeffrey Holland joined

    9,362 Videos / 5,564 Members

    A group for all users and lovers of Red Digital Cinema. Post your videos shot with Red One, Epic or Scarlet.

  9. Stop Motion & Animation!

    by Carlos Lascano joined

    32K Videos / 17.2K Members

    This is a place created by director/animator Carlos Lascano to share and discuss all about stop motion and experimental animation techniques. To see more videos and BTS stuff join Carlos Lascano…

  10. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela joined

    48.1K Videos / 12.9K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  11. Canon 5D MKII

    by Bernard Maltais joined

    43.9K Videos / 12.1K Members

    Aug 26 2010 update: Interested in the Canon EOS 60D? Join the group: vimeo.com/groups/eos60d ---- This group is dedicated to those awesome video that will be produced by the Canon 5D MKII…

  12. Cinephotographers.

    by Cinephotographer joined

    34.2K Videos / 9,508 Members

    This group is specifically for all Artists and Photographers turned cinematographers (or anyone who shoots amazing dslr cinematography). http://www.facebook.com/DslrFlix

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