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A Light in The Universe Filmworks (aka ALITUF) is a content creation company that independently develops and produces creative stories incorporating emerging technologies across mulit-platforms.

I formed ALITUF in the spirit of investing my creative energies to enhance and inspire the human experience through story.


  1. Green Shoe Studio
  2. Jaro Minne
  3. Al Benoit
  4. Till Nowak
  6. Scared Scriff Films
  7. Dan Charbit
  8. Michael Coleman
  9. Erick Oh
  10. Hannah Dallman
  11. floriskaayk
  12. JUL & MAT
  13. Ziid
  14. Philip Bloom
  15. Klara Harden
  16. Lea et Nicolas Features
  17. Alan Spearman
  18. Jonny Greenwald

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