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Since 2002, ALIVE has been committed to moving the city of St. Louis forward by inspiring individuals to live their best life - one rich in arts, culture, wellness, style and good food and drink. ALIVE Media Group drives this mission through dynamic storytelling in print, online and at events for a dedicated audience of city dwellers, artists, civic leaders, business owners, bloggers, designers, foodies, innovators and trailblazers throughout the St. Louis area and beyond.

In 2016, ALIVE Media Group is refreshing its founding mission with a renewed focus on thoughtful interactions, meaningful connections and an expanded support of artists, entrepreneurs, creatives and activists who are making an impact in our world. ALIVE Magazine, once a monthly glossy publication, is moving to a bookazine format. With high-quality paper, thoughtful storytelling, beautiful visuals and advertisements that resonate rather than disrupt, the magazine creates a space for readers to slow down, enjoy quality content and find inspiration in a fast-paced world. The launch of the all new in Spring 2016 will further provide readers with timely, useful and motivating resources for getting involved in their city and creating an impact. Read our publisher’s letter, Dear St. Louis, for more about this next chapter.

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