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Digital Stills and moving picture video, photographer Allan Johnston photographic lineage spans 50+ years, including family and highly respected mentors from both New Zealand and the USA.

Photography has always been a passion and through his work he tells the story of his love affair with urban and rural landscapes around the world.
Allan’s work has an organic feel that balances nature and emotion, capturing the essence of his subject matter with honest reflection and a synergistic approach.
Always with a smile and companion-ability that is apparent in his images.

Bungy jumper
World traveler

Seeing not what's there but what could be.

Contact Allan +64 27 373 4444 or info(@)

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  • Allan Johnston Photography & Vid - Allan is unbounded by limiting beliefs or fears, he multifaceted and willing to take emotional risks. "Adventurers in daily life," he may choose to go white-water rafting, bungy jumping or skydiving, but he has developed the discipline to dig deeply into l
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