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  1. Cornelius Dämmrich

    Cornelius Dämmrich Plus Germany


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    2D/3D Artist since 2003 My name is Cornelius Dämmrich, I was born in 1989 behind the Berlin Wall, what makes me kind of a real-life wildling. Today I live in Cologne and work as a freelance CG Artist. I create 3D Environments with a combination of various 3D Programs. Since I'm not…

  2. Herman Kolgen

    Herman Kolgen Plus Montreal


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    Herman Kolgen is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Montreal. A true audiocinetic sculptor, he draws his primary material from the intimate relationship between sound and image. Kolgen works to create objects that assume the form of installations, video and film works, performances and…

  3. erik doty
  4. Penny Skateboards

    Penny Skateboards PRO Queensland, Australia


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    Penny - the original plastic skateboard. www.pennyskateboards.com www.facebook.com/pennyskateboards @pennyskateboards

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