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Have a quite big passion now days making videos has been a long break though like 10 years. Mainly because i didn't have a camera that could shoot video i think. But when video in DSLR arrived it was a big joy. Did some experiments with photography and Adobe After Effects before that but when I got a DSLR with video function a other world did open. Have been doing a lot of small "experiments" in After Effects and a 3ds Max just to learn. Really like the combination of real footage and rendered video and making it to some kind of composite. I think my videos here on vimeo has a big variation in quality but my favorite ones are the ones I do with my friends. They are made pretty fast with a grand delight.

Studying in Lund, Sweden, at the architecture program that i really enjoy.

I record in RAW with my 5D MK3 with various lenses still learning Davinci Resolve with all features.

Kind Regards!

/ Karl Allemyr

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