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Trisha Johansen

From an young age, Trisha Johansen's favorite pursuit has been to create characters and tell stories through any medium available. At Southern Oregon University, Trisha majored in fine art with an emphasis on digital animation and sculpture. There she undertook her most ambitious film project yet, Alley Dog, with her friend Casey Pyke. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2009.

Today Trisha can still be found creating stories with anything from drawings and toys to her own 3-D computer animated characters. She lives with her husband in Cleveland, OH and is looking for opportunities in film and game industries.

Casey Pyke

Casey Pyke’s interest in film started at an early age. He began writing and producing films in elementary school and by sixth grade was dabbling in computer graphics. Casey became known in his home town for his presence in the student art scene. His films won awards at student and school-run film festivals. Casey attended Southern Oregon University where he earned a dual degree in Art and Video Production. He produced a number of short films that won recognition within the community and in local film festivals.

Casey currently works for an independent visual effects studio as a visual effects artist. In his free time, he models on the computer, spends time enjoying the outdoors, and co-writes and produces an independent puppet show with his wife.