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Allez Up is a gathering spot for those who are passionate about rock climbing. Our clientele and our staff have and always will be representative of a motivated climbing community seeking to exceed their personal goals. Our route setters continuously offer challenging routes for climbers of all levels, each one more interesting than the last. You will find that each hold is carefully selected, that the movements are creatively set and that we offer a variety of styles so that you can expand your repertoire of skills.
Allez Up also offers a series of courses of the highest quality, developed to help our clients perfect and develop their skills in rock climbing. Our mission is to offer a safe environment and to abide by the highest level of standards of practice. All of our staff are certified by the FQME. You will find a team of staff who are always able and willing to motivate and guide you through your progress. It’s our job to to share our passion, and we are proud to do it!
Our passion for climbing extends to our respect for the environment and into a sustainable business practice. Through the use of recycled and recyclable materials, we do our best to limit our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon emissions.

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