Ms. Tina Wong

Harlem, New York USA

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I teach the Hydroponic/Urban Farming Program at Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship, P.S.208M, an elementary public school in Harlem, New York. In addition to cultivating an interest in sustainable science and technology in my students, I serve as the school's Magnet Specialist. In that role, I assist with integrating the stewardship and sustainability theme into the curriculum and culture, while planning and organizing Green events and programs.

Background of School:
Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship (ALLMSES) instills in its 3rd-5th grade population a sense of personal pride, responsibility, and commitment to excellence, while simultaneously teaching the concepts of sustainability, interconnectedness, activism and making a difference in the world through a lens of environmental studies.

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