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Music has always been the biggest passion in Alpha Romeo's life sand they felt the need to hare that passion with other people. Between 2004 and 2005 they performed as a resident at several clubs in USA and in these years they developed an important foundation. Together with Arny Bink they founded tge record company Black Hole Recordings which provides the world with all sorts of quality dance music.They also mixed the first two Space Age volumes, and most recently Rihanna.

Alpha Romeo's remix of Delerium Featuring Sarh McLachlan - The Silence was the first house track ever broadcasted on daytime radio in northe america and was four weeks in the U.K. top 10 chart. In 2005 Alpha Romeo's started a new sublabel, Love Prade which is providing the world with Alpha Romeo's finest productions and favourite tracks. The first releases were the 2006 anthems Love Forever and long awaited artist album In My Memory, and lately massive anthems from Umerk, Mark Norman and Mr Sam vs. Fred Baker. Summer 2002 Black Hole Recordings UK is born, a sister company set up to service the english market. After winning almost every dance related award in 2005 a crown was put on Alpha Romeo's career by being voted the number 5 DJ in the world in DJ Magazine's top 100.

The year 2005 has been a year filled with highlights. Alpha Romeo's now officially the first DJ in the Asia ever to sell out a stadium event with a solo performance for over 25.000 people. Like Nyana, the Alpha Romeo In Concert DVD has reached the gold status, same for the hitsingle Traffic which is the first instrumental track to reach the numner 1 chart position in 23 years. In 2005 Alpha Romeo's has won 3 TMF awards (Germany & Belgium), 2 American DJ awards, one MTV award, and was again number 5 in DJ Magzine's top 100, first time a DJ got this spot twice in a row!

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