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Groningen, The Netherlands

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My name is Kamil. I specialize in visual storytelling from remote locations. I am based in Groningen, the Netherlands. A substantial part of my commercial portfolio is shot with powerful on-location lights.

Truth to be told, I enjoy working in front of camera, as much as behind the lens. I think the best demonstration of the aforementioned fact is my role as the host and lector in numerous photography-related productions, including high-end, cinematic “Underwater Pixelguide” by Olav Verhoven.

Unlike the most of professional photographers, I have spent the last 10 years of my life, traveling, and pursuing academic career in physics. My scientific adventures at Cambridge and Groningen brought me to the point where I have decided to turn a great passion of mine, photography, into a full-time job.

I consider social media, especially Facebook, as one of the most fundamental tools, not only for interpersonal communication, but also photo marketing.

My short, yet I believe prominent career, skyrocketed after National Geographic Society featured numerous photographs from my alpine portfolio including the acclaimed “Snapshot of mountaineer’s life”.

Since then, my photo stories have appeared in adventure magazines including Climbing, Climber, Climax, Urban Climber, Hoogtelijn, Bergen, Koktejl Everest and GORY Magazine, as well as, lifestyle magazines and tabloids, including: NY Times, le Monde, le Figaro, Daily Mail, the Telegraph, Zivot, Sabado.

My photography work is made easy, thanks to outstanding solutions delivered by Pocket Wizard, Rotolight, Eneloop , iProLens by Schneider Optics, Atomos, Cinevate, Redged and Clik Elite.

I also enjoy help and technical support from the side of the leading British manufacturers of outdoor gear, Rab and Lowe Alpine.

I actively collaborate with “I LOVE CLIMBING”, the new and rapidly emerging platform that brings climbing enthusiasts, professional athletes and multimedia producers together.

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