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Altamash Urooj is a Pakistani/Venezuelan award winning art photographer. Born in 1984, he grew up in Karachi and moved to Dubai in 2004 to pursue his bachelors in fine arts. A graduate from the American University in Dubai with a BFA in photography, he divides his time between art and commercial photography.

Altamash has exhibited works in prestigious spaces like The Empty Quarter, Art Space, Ayyam Gallery and Meem Gallery. His work has also travelled to the University of Arizona in Tuscon (2006) and the School of Visual Art gallery in New York (2009) as part of the Basically Human collective.

Altamash is one of the winners of the Shiekha Manal's Young Artists Award 2009 and of the Meem Gallery student exhibition 2008. He is a prominent artist in the Basically Human collective. Altamash is a founding member of the A106 collective and works with photography, video art, performance art, installation work and stop motion photography.

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