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  1. Luke Perin
  2. Brody Leven

    Brody Leven Plus salt lake city


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  3. Kt Miller

    Kt Miller Plus Bozeman, MT


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    Nurtured by the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, Kt was raised in Bozeman, Montana, with a thirst for adventure and passion for the environment. Her mother gave her a 35mm camera in high school and things have never been the same. At the age of 17, Kt co-taught Science & Natural History Filmmaking…

  4. Bagel Boy Broductions

    Bagel Boy Broductions Park City, Utah


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    Bagel Boy Broductions started in 2004 when I bought my first digital camera that could record videos. In high school I had always tried to video our ski days at Crystal Mountain, Washington, but lacked the necessary equipment to film anything worthwhile. After graduating from the U of U in 2005, I…

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