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Alternating Current Press & Promotions is an independent press and small arts conglomerate that focuses on bringing a few select titles to print each year and providing promotional support, materials, and publicity to indie authors. Our press team specializes in publishing, marketing, and promoting unique voices and important commentaries, through cutting-edge fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry with a universal appeal. Our promotions task force specializes in scheduling book and blog tours, approaching review outlets, and creating marketing materials for indie authors. We also encompass a zine library archive, a basement record label, annual journals, and our annual writing awards: The Luminaire Awards for Best Poetry and Best Prose, and The Charter Oak Award for Best Historical. We are now in our 21st year of existence, and our main goal is to enrich the independent press and literary community with, let's face it, asskickular badassery until the earth implodes.

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