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At Alucinor our passion is film making. When we’re not working on a project, we’re probably either watching a film or discussing one (sometimes heatedly).

We are constantly striving to perfect our craft and make the best possible work that we can. We don’t like to make crap. We have high standards for our work, and anything that falls short of those would not only reflect poorly on our clients, it would reflect poorly on us.

Our background and training has been in film and television and this has a significant bearing on the quality that we aim for in every project. We see every project is an opportunity to create some great work.

For those who are curious, Alucinor (pronounced Aloo-sin-or) is Latin and roughly translates to dreaming or wander in the mind. If you want to know more about Alucinor’s origins please click on the Alucinor Story video to the right.

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