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A current Photo/Film student at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts majoring in film and minoring in psychology. Psychology is a huge inspiration for me and is a major part of my work. Additionally I explore themes of sexuality, technology, and feminism. I use both digital and celluloid film in my practice with an emphasis on installation based work.

The films on here are all made at VCU during my four years in undergrad.


  1. Ugly Duck Films
  2. Jessica F
  3. Lindsay Basile
  4. Leah Meyerhoff
  5. Rose Rea
  6. Nora Workman
  7. Nick Rose
  8. Tyler Kirby
  9. Graham Ohmer
  10. Carillon Hepburn
  11. David Muessig
  12. Alec Gary
  13. Gabby Namm
  14. Nicholas Scarpinato

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