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A Mad Production was formed on the set of 'Lonely Eros'. The 30-second short-film was nominated for film-festivals around the world, winning 'Founder's Choice Award' at the Queens World Film Festival in 2013. Ellen and Thomas quickly realized the creative potential of working together and started an independent film & GFX production company based in Ghent, Belgium.
For the last 5 years Ellen has worked as GFX artist for major media companies and production houses across Western Europe. She is determined to do something new & different every time and will ensure that every film A Mad Production makes has the necessary unique, stylistic elements and fitting motion graphics.
With years of experience working as a Director and DP for the United Nations, Thomas, known for his stylish camera work and meticulous editing abilitites, is always looking for a way to merge beautiful cinema with amazing stories.
Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

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