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Welcome to Âmago Images Photo & Film Collective:

We are here to experiment, to show, to provoke.

We live in a multiple image world. Most of the representations are there to sell us something rather than encourage transformation on a different perspective. As a photography collective, we would like to humbly instigate people to actually look closer and reflect.

Our generation may be seen only a shallow surface rather than opening up the "truth" of things. However, does it really matter to know the truth? Are we willing to get the whole picture, if there is such? Perhaps today's society is quite happy to just passively gaze. On the other hand, one must argue that today's society may become more critical due to the volume of information we have to process everyday.

That’s one of the thoughts that forged Âmago Images Photo & Film Collective.

Bem Vindo a Âmago Images Photo & Film Collective:

"Nós estamos aqui para experimentar e provocar."

Âmago em Português significa cerne, coração e essência. A Âmago Images é a fusão de idéias e aspirações de dois distintos Fotógrafos: Gustavo Faraco e Rodrigo Hill. Este coletivo é o resultado de uma longa amizade, que junta a vontade de ambos fotógrafos e o desejo de transformar as suas curiosidades em narrativas visuais, tornasse real agora.


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