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Film Director, Writer and Actress. She is also the founder of lifestyle and Womanhood website The Lady of The World.

Amancay is the director of the indie feature film "Campo De Batalla" and the critically acclaimed short film about the EU crisis "Rescue Me". Amancay is listed in the prestigious "International list of living women directors"


For her film "Rescue Me", Amancay received critical acclaim and won the 2014 Golden Palm at the Mexico International Film Festival . The film was launched by Spain main newspaper, El Pais, as "The short of the crisis".

It was described by The Guardian Newspaper as a "Strong story , beautifully shot"

She writes for the blog of The Huffington Post Global edition.She also creates inspirational videos that have resonated with women and female issues.

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Campo de Batalla (Battlefield) is her first feature film as a writer/director. She is also one of the actresses of Campo de Batalla. The film tells the story of five women trapped in a beauty salon during a social unrest in the streets of La Paz, Bolivia . This Indie film shot on a shoe string budget was commercially released in Bolivia from January to March 2011. It opened in Spain on 21st March 2012 and in Colombia it was released in June 2012. Winner of the best foreign film at The Portobello Film Festival London,in competition at the XXV Trieste Festival del cinema Latino Americano, Orense International Film Festival.

Amancay has a B.A (HONS) in English Literature and Linguistics and a Masters Degree in Filmmaking from Goldsmiths College, University of London (U.K) . She studied piano and musical notation for 5 years in her native Spain and trained as a actress while working in theatre. At just 20 she won an award for her play "Yo sin su amor no soy nada" about the relationship between a lonely woman and her television. Best Monologue Comunidad de Madrid Awards, Teatro Albeniz.

Amancay interview in Spanish tv

Amancay Tapia in El Pais

The Spanish Film Academy/Academia de las Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas de España

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