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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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I'm a Creative, with depth of experience: Art Direction, Design, Motion Graphics Animation, Real Time Graphics, Post Production & Film Production.
Working across all platforms.
Design and animation specialties include: network & cable television graphics packages, daily production for television and internet shows, large scale outdoor digital signage (Times Square), multimedia events & print.
(experienced, yet fresh, dedicated to a visual arts practice - an enhancement to all creative projects)


  1. Roosevelt Institute
  2. D-Fuse
  3. Design Museum
  4. Cale Glendening
  5. Frieze
  6. Red Paper Heart
  7. Matthew DiVito
  8. Vizrt
  9. The Mill
  10. Gregory Sale
  11. GalleryLOG
  12. Gretel
  13. Troika
  14. Crown Street Productions
  15. martin de thurah
  16. Valentina Dell'Aquila
  17. The Wire Magazine
  18. Journeyman Pictures

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