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I love to create. Youngarts National Finalist / Presidential Scholar in the Arts. Writer's Production Assistant for "Billions" (Showtime, 2016).

A large majority of my films are on private. Inbox me for the password
If you want to collab, just shoot me an email! is a work-in-progress.


  1. Rudi Goblen
  2. Jeremy Boxer
  3. Samuel Lopez De Victoria
  4. Jorge Rubiera
  5. Coral Morphologic
  6. Duncan Skiles
  7. Fro Rojas
  8. Fandor Keyframe
  10. Lee Heinemann
  11. Paloma Izquierdo
  12. Sam Korn
  13. Illusionists Documentary
  14. Kelly Cavender
  15. Carol Booth
  16. The Glossary
  17. Kevin C.
  18. Isabela Dos Santos

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