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  1. Arctic Climate Change (ACIA 2004)

    by AMAP

    1 Video 1 Member

    Many signs point to the fact that the Arctic is one of the places of the World where we most clearly can see global warming happening. Scenarios for the future project warming temperatures, thawing…

  2. Arctic Climate Change (SWIPA 2011)

    by AMAP

    60 Videos 1 Member

    AMAP’s new assessment of the impacts of climate change on Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA) brings together the latest scientific knowledge about the changing state of each…

  3. Arctic Contaminant Issues

    by AMAP

    3 Videos 1 Member

    This group contains videos related to pollution and contaminants from the work of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP). Among the subjects covered by AMAP are persistant organic pollutants…

  4. Arctic Ocean Acidification (2013)

    by AMAP

    2 Videos 1 Member

    AMAP’s new assessment of the Arctic Ocean Acidification (AOA) reviews the current state of knowledge regarding ocean acidification from an Arctic perspective. More information on the results…

  5. Greenland Ice Sheet - Time lapse clips

    by AMAP

    3 Videos 3 Members

    This group contains short film clips. These clips are available for non-commercial uses, including press/media use, and production of educational and outreach materials, etc. You are kindly requested…

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