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Ambience Entertainment is for kids, here in Australia and around the world. We take a spark of an idea that makes us laugh or scares us silly, and we grow it into a whole world for every kid to explore and enjoy. The imaginary places our characters live in are from books we love or stories we make up ourselves.

We’re best known as the people who made ERKY PERKY and THE ADVENTURES OF FIGARO PHO. Both are animated comedies that set a high bar for humour and art. Erky Perky was nominated for the Prix Jeunesse award in 2009 (one of the highest accolades for animation in the world) and The Adventures of Figaro Pho has so far won the AACTA Award for Best Children's Entertainment as well as Best Animation and Best Design at Kidscreen 2013 in New York. We've also made hundreds of hours of live action kids entertainment through MAGICAL TALES and KITCHEN WHIZ.

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