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For over 10 years I have been traveling the world in search of capturing the lifestyle and action behind the worlds best athletes. With a love of photography, nature, and action sports I took advantage of my surroundings of Beautiful British Columbia. Quickly transforming my skills from still photography to motion pictures I became one of the most respected cinematographers in the industry. Utilizing patience, passion for light, and love of natural beauty I strive to create images that seem like paintings come to life.
As co-founder of the Pist-n-Broke production company I have produced, shot, and edited numerous corporate videos,TV PSA's and four feature length actions sports titles.
The summer of 2007 saw me take on the role of Associate Producer and Director/DOP for Drop in Season 5. I was on the road throughout North America for 2 and a half months filming a 13 episode mountain bike action adventure travels series, hanging with my friends and living the dream.
Currently Pist-n-Broke is working on 2 more TV PSA's, numerous corporate videos, as well as our fifth feature length film. I have been really excited over the past year to try out new film techniques, pushing my limits creatively and have been working hard to bring images that will inspire others to "live in the moment".

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