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Amelia Singer - Founder of Amelia's - a new business which offers a range of authentic, fun, helpful and ultimately accessible wine tasting services and experiences. Amelia has been in the wine industry for the last five years and has completed the prestigious WSET Wine Diploma. Having worked in wineries all around the world (Bordeaux, Rioja and Chile) as well as with well known retailers, importers, online Fine Wine merchants and exciting new wine start ups, she has gained a holistic appreciation of the wine industry. This she hopes will help in her endeavour to be the 'Jamie Oliver' of wine...Although the word PUKKA will never roll naturally off her tongue, it is her aim to demystify the snobbery around wine and empower people when it comes to making wine decisions - either in a supermarket aisle or when the wine list is handed to you on a first date. Wine can be extremely serious and intellectual but it is MEANT to be fun. She hopes that in her tastings people learn a little, meet new people and have A LOT of fun!

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