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Chip Comins is the Chairman the American Renewable Energy Institute, the Founder of the AREDAY Summit, Film Festival and Expo and the President of American Spirit Productions (ASP). Organizations dedicated to the production of high quality programming that inspires and educates the audience with an emphasis on renewable energy, solutions to global warming and climate change and solving the greatest challenge facing all life on the planet: the carbon crisis.

In 1997, Comins produced and directed the one-hour documentary "Jazz Colony", an documentary concerning the preservation of an original form of American music - Jazz. The program hosted and narrated by Michael Douglas featuring performances by Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Arturo Sandoval premiered on PBS March 22, 1999. Jazz Colony was then distributed worldwide on the BET Networks.

In 1998 he began a feature documentary on the life of the artist Alexandra Nechita, entitled "Alexandra The Great” and serves as a pilot for an educational television series on art and creativity.

In 1999 with The Rocky Mountain Institute he began development on series called "Practical Visionaries" based on the book "Natural Capitalism." The book was co-authored by Paul Hawken host of the PBS series "Growing Your Own Business", and Amory and Hunter Lovins with whom he has formed close working relationships. Former President Clinton and other world leaders hailed Natural Capitalism as the "next industrial revolution.”

In 2002 ASP produced the documentary “Practical Visionaries” a short film featuring Robert Redford, Amory Lovins, John Todd and other leading thinkers and scientists in the sustainability movement.

In 2003 Comins produced and directed a documentary "Wind Powering Native America" for The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a US DOE lab, about the first utility scale wind turbine to be installed on a Native American reservation--the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. The documentary focuses on the development of renewable energy as an opportunity for sovereign Tribal Nations to become a major part of the solution to America's growing energy crisis and the fight against global warming. Utility scale wind turbines provide clean, renewable electricity and provide for a secure energy future.

Comins is actively developing educational programming with the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy or COUP, focusing on the distribution and generation of renewable energy on tribal lands throughout the Northern Great Plains. In addition, he is a founding member of Native Wind Powering America a tribal/city partnership advocating for a renewable energy future through development of utility scale wind power on Native American lands.

In 2004, he founded AREDAY - Aspen Renewable Energy Day. The mission of AREDAY is to promote education and awareness of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies as practical solutions to global warming and the climate crisis. In 2006 the name was changed to American Renewable Energy Day and in 2008 Ted Turner was the featured keynote speaker. Ted returned to AREDAY in 2010 and 2011 along with T.Boone Pickens, Gen. Wesley Clark, Lester Brown, Amory Lovins and many other global leaders in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean technology.

In 2005 he produced the Native Wind Powering America PSA that debuted at the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2005: Native American tribes on the northern Great Plains can harness enough wind energy to provide our nation with one-third of all annual electricity consumption. This one-minute PSA introduces the subject of the first utility-scale wind turbine erected on tribal lands."

In 2006 he produced and directed “Last of the Cowboys” a documentary featuring some of the last of the cowboys in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. These cowboys are the descendants of families who came from all over the world to homestead and carve out ranches during the pioneer days. With a mix of unique archival images, picturesque footage of cowboys at work today and exclusive interviews with many of the Aspen Valley’s ranching patriarchs, this fascinating and often humorous oral history gives an intriguing insight into a way of life that is fast disappearing. With so much of our ranchland being lost to development, this documentary serves not only as a tribute to the cowboys and their way of life but encourages us all to think more seriously about our relationship to the land and the importance of preserving our open spaces. “Last of the Cowboys” was broadcast on Rocky Mountain PBS in January of 2008.

In 2007 Chip was trained by Al Gore to present The Climate Project “slide show” as a member of the original 1000 “climate crusaders of Gore’s Calvary” resulting from the movie and book “An Inconvenient Truth.”

In 2010 he produced the PSA "Global Thinkers - Envisioning Tomorrow" featuring, Ted Turner, Jim Cameron, Sylvia Earle, Wesley Clark and others.

He is currently producing and directing “Native Wind” a documentary detailing the efforts of the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy (COUP) efforts to develop the richest wind regime on earth. “Native Wind” is sponsored in part by the Sierra Club and Intertribal COUP.

In 2012 he summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with Climb for Conservation and 14 women to spotlight and raise money for plight of the African Black Rhino, Climate Change and Women's leadership.

2013 he delivered the first of a series of "Dispatches" to Outside TV that are broadcast to a national audience of 8 million.

Chip Comins continues to annually produce the AREDAY Summit in Aspen, CO and to develop educational programming, documentaries, and PSA's for national and international distribution as well as capitalization and marketing plans for renewable energy and film projects.

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