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Founded by a group of Surgeons and Primary Care Specialists whose primary focus is to establish the highest standards for Physicians of all specialties in procedural and hands on skills. The American Academy of Procedural Medicine, or AAOPM, is recognized throughout the US, Asia, and South America as an educational resource and accreditation organization providing Board Certification pathways and Training in traditional procedures as well as in the latest medical advancements for Physicians as well as other healthcare professionals worldwide.

We take pride in providing training and certification to physicians through our continuing devotion to the enhancement of procedural medicine.

Each AAOPM Board Certified Member must complete a fellowship program over a 6 month period of time which includes attending workshops and passing a series of written and oral exams before being able to use the “Verified & Credentialed by AAOPM” logo on their website. This advanced certification informs patients that the Physician or healthcare professional has been approved and certified by the AAOPM and is committed to implementing the highest procedural standards in medicine.

AAOPM is widely regarded by professionals in medicine as one of the most comprehensive certifications in procedural medicine. In order to keep that trust, we are continually expanding and updating the materials presented with your medical training and the programs that we endorse.

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