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Azmi Mert Erdem is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Turkey and currently resides in New York City. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television with honors from Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. He continued his education in the One Year Filmmaking Program at the New York Film Academy, in New York City.

During his studies in Turkey and the U.S. he has worked as a director, assistant director and cinematographer in several television series, music videos, and feature and short film productions. He received various awards from festivals for the short films he wrote and directed.

Moreover, he collaborated as a video artist in site-specific perfomance-video-installation pieces in international platforms. He is inspired by performance art and the presence of the physical body and its interactions with objects, individuals and space. He continues working as a videographer for various art platforms and galleries, as well as experimenting with various mediums and disciplines in his projects.


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