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This is Amir hossein who is called “Amir Acid” the artistic point of my life stared at the age of 12. On March 5th (My Birthday) I was drowning in a numerous presents and gifts but one of them changed the destiny of my life which was a simple keyboard.From the time I got the keyboard, I started working and recognizing notes and tones! I was interested in Music so I decided to inquest and research about it! Life was not such an easy one! My family couldn't afford the expenditure to send me to the Musical Course or prepare the instruments which I need. Eventually after my inquiry and consideration I got acquainted the music principles. At the time of school I used to inscribe poems instead of studying and I was dismissed because of drawing musical instruments in my book and inattention. After years thus I was interested in music I recorded my voice on a cassette tape and sang my favorites songs. I was aspirant to see my adorable singers and I was eager to be the singer of the song which I always listened to. Now all my dreams have come true and I’m appreciated the grace of God for pushing me forward! I’m a music producer and a sound qualitative supervisor that I have succeeded in my own way! With Many of fan in all around the world and some famous tracks which I have released I listen to all kind of music and concern about its technique. Composing such a piece of cake is my business right now although I’m trying to concern them as I used to in my childhood because I want to perceive and comprehend it!! Hope to have a unforgettable time with my music.
Lots of Love Amir Acid.

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