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Syrian Award winning filmmaker
Ammar al-Beik (b.1972 in Damascus, Syria), is a Pigeon Breeder, Football Player, Conceptual Artist, and Filmmaker. Is a Conceptual Artist, and independent Filmmaker.
Represented by Ayyam Gallery since 2008, with which he exhibits his art in all over the world.

The only Syrian filmmaker who represented his country Syria twice at the Venice Film Festival - Orizzonti competition, in 2006 and 2011, Italy.
2011: The sun's incubator- 11 minutes.
2006:I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave.
The Doc/It- Award at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival
حصاد الضوء
1997: Light Harvest - 3 minutes.
إنهم كانوا هنا
2000: They Were Here- 8 minutes.
نهر الذهب
2002: The River of Gold- 15 minutes.
١٦ ملم
2002: 16mm- 2 minutes.
شارع الأسد
2002: Boulevard Al Assad - 1 minute.
أذني تستطيع أن ترى
2002: My Ear Can See - 8 minutes.
عندما ألون سمكتي
2002: When I Color My Fish- 5 minutes.
2003: Clapper- 58 minutes.
أنا التي تحمل الزهور إلى قبرها
2006: I am The One Who Brings Flowers To Her Grave، Co Produced & Directed.
القدس بوضوح
2007: Jerusalem HD- 22 minutes.
2008: Samia- 40 minutes.
حاضنة الشمس
2011: The sun's incubator- 11 minutes.
أسبيرين ورصاصة
2011: Aspirin and A Bullet- 125 minutes.
2012: Swings- 15 minutes.


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