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Is this love that you’re feelin’?

If yes, then follow Amoreyo – the world’s first TV channel for love music and inspiration.

Amoreyo TV plays only the most beautiful love songs, gathered from around the world in one channel, 24/7.

Amoreyo TV offers a unique playlist of contemporary hits and evergreens, from jazz, classical, soul, operatic pop, to R’n’B, chillout, pop, rock, blues, indie and authentic world music.

Following Amoreyo TV, you will enjoy world-renowned artists seen both in rare live performances and official videos whenever you like, wherever you like – at home, on your mobile or through our online streaming.

We also promise personal messages, insights and reviews from worthy writers, actors, singers, artists, businessmen and other public figures in our programme. These great men and women will share their personal experience, life-view and style in a way that you will feel involved – through the universal language of love, music and literature.

Don’t miss out!

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