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AMORIS WEDDING’s mission is to fulfill the promises of capturing and transforming each wedding’s precious moments into vivid images for every loving couple to cherish. We excel in taking breathtaking images in a variety of lighting conditions, ranging from sunny outdoors to dim lit restaurant or hotel environments. And we understand and will work with every couple to address their unique concerns for their wedding day photos. With many years of practice, Amoris Wedding knows just how to capture the magical atmosphere and every intricate detail. Let Amoris Wedding take care of your once-in-a-lifetime event, and ensure the joyous memory lasts forever.

AMORIS WEDDING also takes care of your families and friends. We offer professional maternity photography, baby & children photography, family portrait, and personal fashion portrait. Beside the traditional studio picture taking session, we also provide mobile photography service. Amoris Wedding deliver professional studio lighting gear to capture your lovely family portrait right at your living room, where every family member can feel relaxed and enjoy the photography session like never before. Amoris Wedding will listen to everyone’s concern carefully, and tailor the session specifically for you and your family members. We sincerely invite everyone to join us and have fun at every photography session.

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