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Amorphead form up in 2007 in Catanzaro, Italy. The official line-up is composed of 5 members: Emiliano Iozzo (voice), Alessandro Morrone (guitar), Antonio Mazza (guitar), Giorgio Faini (drums) and Matteo Gregoraci (bass). In January 2009 the band starts drafting it's first EP, which comes to life on July 26 of the same year, with the name of "Psychotic". The latter is reviewed in many parts of the world (America, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia, Poland, etc..) obtaining a good success. In November 2010, Amorphead start composing new pieces and in August of the same year they enter the Sound Farm Studio and record the successor of Psychotic: "Chaos Expression", which comes to life on March 3 2011. The band immediately starts promoting the CD with a series of tours in Italy and abroad (Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, etc..) meeting the approval of the public. The band is now working on the next album which should be released at the end of 2012.

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