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Florida, USA

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My name is Ashley Seagle, and I wear a lot of hats.
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of West Florida. For my senior "Exit Show" I created nine videos that addressed my relationship with computers and the Internet. This account is dedicated to those videos. I've dabbled in many different media over the years, but ultimately I want my art to make people laugh, and make them think, too.
Currently, I'm tutoring college-level math and computer courses, I volunteer part-time in a small IT department, and I'm working towards my Network Specialist post-secondary certificate. But I haven't given up my creative side! I like switching back and forth between left-brain and right-brain activities. I think my liberal arts friends can learn something from STEM fields, and I think my friends in tech can learn something from the liberal arts! If my role is to bridge the gap between the two, then that sounds just fine to me!
So sit back and have a look at my body of work, circa spring 2010.


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