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Amus Productions is an ever expanding independent film company, founded by auteur, Amus Beast Osaurus. A multi media production company influenced by dark humor, stark imagery, beautiful garbage, absurdism, mental disorders and dysfunctional childhoods. Amus Productions’ mission is to smash the conventional ideology of film and reassemble the pieces while simultaneously disassembling the viewers' mind. Our company does not believe in the conventional screenplay structure that Hollywood seems to be rigidly stuck on, but rather cinema-verite and non linear storytelling. Amus Productions enjoys poetic provocations, and the ecstatic truth of real life innovation. We often expose the harsh truth and realities of this world we live in. Our company "make films that reflect life”. Sometimes there is no happy ending, and we believe that is just fine.

“Life is an experiment. See the world for its authenticity, and present research visually. Through the lens and onto the screen.”
-amus beast osaurus

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