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Amy Belling is a multiple Leo Award winning director of photography with an MFA in Cinematography from the AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles. With director Jamie Travis she lensed the critically acclaimed short films WHY THE ANDERSON CHILDREN DIDN’T COME TO DINNER (TIFF 2003) and THE SADDEST BOY IN THE WORLD (TIFF 2006), as well as A.J. Bond’s Comic-Con 2009 award-winner HIRSUTE (TIFF 2007), MADAME PERRAULT’S BLUEBEARD (Clermont-Ferrand 2011), Mina Shum’s HIP HOP MOM (2011) and BAFTA winner LE JEU DES SOLDATS (2011). She has shot these features: A.J. Bond’s genre-bending STRESS POSITION (2013), for which she won Best Cinematography at the Las Vegas Film Festival; Matthew Smiley's award-winning documentary HIGHWAY OF TEARS (2013); Maureen Bradley’s award-winning comedy TWO 4 ONE (2014) starring Gavin Crawford and Naomi Snieckus; Kris Elgstrand’s SONGS SHE WROTE ABOUT PEOPLE SHE KNOWS (TIFF 2014), for which Belling was profiled in the American Cinematographer magazine’s November 2014 issue; and the American indie A REMARKABLE LIFE (2015) starring Daphne Zuniga, Chris Bruno, Marie Avgeropoulos, Helen Slater, Eric Roberts, Dylan Bruno and Mark Margolis. Currently, Amy is camera operating for John Bailey, ASC on Greg Kinnear’s directorial debut PHIL starring himself and Emily Mortimer. Amy is a 2007 Kodak Image Award recipient who resides between Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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