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You live local. But do you...
Eat Local? Buy Local? Travel Local?

Join Amy Hess, "The Local Traveler," as she shows yopu how to invest in your own community but supporting the local movement. Her catch phrase is Go Local, and she will show you just that in "The Local Traveler" series.

"The Local Traveler" is a fast paced magazine show that champions Kentucky and Tennessee made products and travel worthy destinations throughout our region. Not only will you get an inside look at how things are made, but take part in virtual day trips uncovering interesting places to visit. Discover the people, products and places that make our region so wonderfully unique. “The Local Traveler" combines the fun and discovery of “Dirty Jobs” with the style of “Rachel Ray” while staying focused on Kentucky and Tennessee markets. Support the local movement and Go Local with Amy Hess, "The Local Traveler."

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