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Ana Bravo Pérez
Born in Pasto, southwest Colombia, ABP is currently doing postgraduate studies at The National University of the Arts -IUNA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013 She was selected for Harun Farocki´s project & workshop Labour in a single shot held in Buenos Aires. 2010 She did high studies in Documentary filmmaking at the international Film school –EICTV- in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. 2007 Ana attended Latin American studies at the Faculty of Arts in the University of Auckland. After getting a Bachelor of Science (BS), Economics at the National University of Colombia (2005) she decides to devote herself to cinema and art, exploring since then documentary film, photography, video art, and lately real time audiovisual performance and installations. Ana has participated in group exhibitions, film festivals and labs in New Zealand, Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil, Australia and Argentina.

Furthermore since 2006 ABP has worked in documentary filmmaking in New Zealand, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay.
ABP has presented papers at Our Media VI International Conference in Sidney, Australia 2007 and Simposium LAC, IUNA Argentina 2013.
Ana has received grants and scholarships from University of Auckland, NZ 2006; EVPNUD 2009; Colombian cinematography Fund -FDC 2009, 2011 and 2013.

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