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Dancer, performer.
(1983, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Mina Ananiadou, born in Thessaloniki in 1983, has studied contemporary dance and improvisation since 2001 next to different teachers and choreographers and in various places (Thessaloniki, Athens, Berlin, Bilbao, Sicily and Barcelona). She has also studied Political Science and Human Rights.

She has finished the Modem Atelier Program, an advanced 2-year full time professional training course in Catania, Sicily next to Compagnia Zappala Danza.

She performed choreographies of Giovanni Scarcella, Helge Letonja, Jan Brezna, Loris Petrillo, Greg Weber and Michal Mualem & Gianalberto de Filippis.

She has attended various workshops with -among other- Les Slovaks, Julien Hamilton, Kirsty Simpson, Tomas Hauert, Rob Hyden(Ultima Vez), Laly Aiguade, Linda Kapetanea, Joseph Frucek Ted Stoffer, Kitt Johnson, Francesco Scavetta, Milan & Zuna Kozanek, Michal Mualem, Helge Letonja, Salva Sanchis(Rosas), Nina Dipla, Sonia Rodriquez, Olga Alvarez, Giovanni Scarcella (ex ultima vez), James Finnemore(cia Hofesh Sechter)

The last 2 years, she has been creating and performing her own choreographies together with other dancers, presented in Greece, Italy and Spain. She created and presented Motherland (piece for 5 dancers) and Winter Seeds (piece for 2 dancers) both presented at Scenario Pu.bli.co –Sicily, in May and January 2012 respectively.

Currently she lives between Barcelona and Thessaloniki where she is involved as a freelance dancer in projects under artistic residencies granted by various centers.

In May 2013 she presented a solo creation, titled Otro Lugar as an outcome of a 3-solo joint project called “She is made of…” (4-month artistic residency granted by Centre Civic de Barceloneta), that questioned specific social constructions through movement.

Since July 2013 she has been collaborating with Marta Gálvez Moncasi. Together they presented in November ´13 a particular improvisation piece on instant composition between dance and music titled Propuesta II at the space of nunArt in Barcelona. In January´13 they completed and presented their new choreography under the title META- , outcome of a 3 month residency at the Can Felipa Center , Barcelona.

Email: otrolugardanza@gmail.com
Tel:+34 627894362 (sp) +30 6945393643(gr)
Fb: facebook.com/OtroLugarDanza
Vimeo: vimeo.com/ananiadoumina


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