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Anansi kNOwBody, born in 1980, is a nomadic multidisciplinary artist/ filmmaker currently based in Chicago IL. A recent graduate of Meadows School of the Arts, Dallas Texas’ M.F.A. program, Anansi is most known for work in the form of socio-political themed screen based media, installation, and live performance. His most recent work, FNDB (Futuristic Nike Duffle Bag) is a collaboration with fellow motion picture artist Amir George is installed at MANA Contemporary in Chicago, IL curated by Allison Glenn.
In January of 2015 Anansi did a performance titled Punch Piece a 9 min test of endurance addressing outlets of rage at Beefhaus gallery in Dallas, TX. His video piece Cocaine Column/ Build & Destroy, remnants of a performance comprised of 425 bricks made to resemble cocaine packages, is currently on display at University of North Texas’ downtown campus.has extensive experience in all aspects of film and video production.
In 2009 he received his Bachelor of Science for Film, from Columbia College Chicago and has since operated as producer, director, camera operator, AD, cinematographer, and editor as well as production designer in everything from narrative productions, commercial video and experimental shorts .

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