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Anas Canon is a man of profound words and immeasurable talent whose expertise and command of audio production, sound engineering, and DJ'ing are recognized and requested worldwide. The breadth of his diverse body of work is a testimony to the distinct ingenuity and inspiration he infuses into his projects. Anas is firmly committed to advancing social awareness and promoting diversity through art, while continuing to explore new channels for his creative expression.

Currently Anas serves as the artistic director and executive producer for the independent media collective Remarkable Current, which he founded in 2001. As an extension of Remarkable Current Canon recently developed the 'Hip Hop Ambassadors' program in hopes of presenting positive examples of African American musicians to the international community, as well as spreading the messages of peace & love through the universal language of music. It is another example of his vision and leadership in the music industry. In one of The Hip Hop Ambassador's most recent tour of Indonesia in 2010, sponsored by the US State Department's Performance Arts Initiative, broke US Embassy press records and was an unprecedented success in the region reaching millions of viewers.

Anas is also one of the main characters highlighted in the acclaimed documentary film Deen Tight, as well as music producer for the film's score. This groundbreaking film explores one of the most influential pop culture movements of our time and its relationship to Islam, one of the world's fastest growing religions. The documentary continues to be screened around the globe at embassies, universities and cultural centers.

Often sought out by the media for his opinions and perspectives, Anas has been published in the Washington Post and, as well as interviewed by countless newspapers, magazines and media outlets including PBS, BBC and MTV.

For Booking Inquiries for DJ'ing, audio/video production, speaking/keynote engagements, please contact Anas's manager Tracy Curry:

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