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Following a successful career in investment banking and corporate turnarounds Andie Steele-Smith founded the Ten3 Group of companies in 2006.

Unconventional and passionate Andie, is skilled in financial re-engineering, structured investments and the rescue of failing businesses. He has the ability to see extraordinary unrealised potential within physical and intellectual assets or teams and has a proven ability to coach, lead and inspire those teams to unlock and utilize that potential.

Andie is an ambitious and confident entrepreneur. He has conceived and led cutting-edge intrapreneurship projects since 1996.

Andie is passionately committed to social entrepreneurship. He is an ardent believer that entrepreneurship is at the core of breaking the cycle of poverty globally. This in turn is core to defeating great injustices that are perpetuated by poverty - for example, slavery.

Outside of his commercial and personal entrepreneurial interests, Andie is philanthropically involved with a number of charities and social justice causes.

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