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I am a photographer and multimedia producer.

I have had a passion for photography and the visual arts for as long as I can remember. I love to travel, take pictures, and tell stories; photography is the perfect medium for me to express my creativity and communicate my beliefs and ideals.

After years of self instruction through books and magazines, attending workshops, and transferring to and from various schools, in June 2010 I finally graduated from Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts with a professional certificate in digital photography.

My photos have been displayed in book collaborations, magazines, in group exhibits and gallery shows in Waltham and Boston, MA.

I enjoy working with non-profit organizations, NGO's, and philanthropic corporations to cover humanitarian and healthcare related issues. I also advocate for community service, conservation, sustainable living, and alternative healing.

I am fascinated with abandoned places, crumbling structures, and really any type of architecture, or lack thereof. I love being able to capture the essence of a place in a single frame.

A clever chronicler, camera in hand.
Soul searching problem solver;
Pure hearted humanitarian, passionate for people.

I'm silly and I love to laugh,
An airy artist, head in the clouds...

A visual story teller, a muse for your mind's eye.
An optimistic observer, adorer of the outdoors
Captivated by culture, communication,
and the cultivation of good character.

I believe in the power of LOVE and world peace,
I used to say that one day I'd change the world,
But the truth is, I already am.

I aspire to inspire.

Available for freelance work, weddings, retouching, and one-on-one lessons in the Boston and South Shore Area.
Please contact me for more detailed information.

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